Abstinence research paper

Individual countries have shown that prevention programmes can be brought to scale within a few years. For example, South Africa built the world’s largest condom programme in just a few years and doubled the amount of condoms distributed per male, per year in at least seven of nine provinces. Similarly, Mozambique has increased the number of VMMCs performed from just 100 in 2009 to almost 200,000 in 2015, and India has shown how approaches that engage beneficiaries in their design and implementation can result in a marked decrease in new infections. 71

Abby Johnson makes a revealing observation concerning her own birth control history. "There’s an incredible irony," she writes, "in the fact that I had a career in educating women about contraception and yet, for the third time, conceived while using contraceptives." 20 If you scoff at the CDC assertion that 12% of the women using birth control still wind up pregnant, consider that even a professional, Planned Parenthood sex-educator wound up with three unplanned pregnancies—all while using contraceptives.

Abstinence research paper

abstinence research paper


abstinence research paperabstinence research paperabstinence research paperabstinence research paper