Ace demon term papers

BPR1. I will be very careful to choose a team's name that bears relation to no known drug.

BPR2. I will join a dance academy. I know I'm going to need it.

BPR3. I will insist to my teammates on forming the giant robot and wining the day on one mighty plasma-sword stroke BEFORE getting seriously beaten outside the meks by the hordes of enemy minions, please.

BPR3b. I will get a good medical insurance and lots of pain killer spray, just in case they are stubborn.

BPR4. I will try to learn some Martial Arts, other than the basic Karate and Full-Contact moves that my teammates will invariably show.

BPR4b. If some of my teammates' got a sword, I will try to convince him that a) there are more styles of swordplay than Kendo, for example just plain basic fencing, and he should try, and b) on the event he's stubborn, there are more than three basic moves on kendo, and he should try.

BPR4c. If some of my teammates' got a bow, I will try to convince her that a quiver would be in use, too.

BPR5. No matter how many other mecha animals are already picked or how limited the practical transforming forms available are, I will NOT pilot a giant flying WhaleMek, SharkMek or the like; I've got an ego, too!

BPR5b. I will be very choosy about where my animal sub-mek is placed on the combined giant super robot; head is the best, arms and legs are OK, but there are other parts of the robot that I will NOT be identified with by the public, PERIOD!.

BPR5c. I will try the hardest to get some kind of ranged weaponry installed on my sub-mek, as sooner or later it will have to fight on its own; particularly if said sub-mek is the non-flying tank-like bug/critter/mammal/whatever.

BPR6. No matter how cute she is, I will not accept any advance from the series comic relief Go Nagai-esque android.

BPR6b. Likewise, no matter how much she just saved the day, I will not give her a ride on a Vespa and without my face-concealing helmet. Someone could be watching.

BPR7. I will follow a strict diet. Skin-fitting spandex and beer-bellys are bad combination.

Ace demon term papers

ace demon term papers