Alec soth sleeping by the mississippi essay

It all comes back to the awkward silence. Soth believes we can see more if we sit it out. “I rediscovered this quote by John Cage where he was saying if something is boring for two minutes, listen to it for four minutes; if it’s boring for four minutes, listen to it for eight – eventually it’s not boring any more. I think that applies to the banal, to what’s around us. If you actually spend enough time and look at it in a certain light, it’s kind of amazing.” If we dismiss something as banal, he says, “it comes from not paying close enough attention”.

“They are places you go to when you’ve lost everything – but not before,” says Klaus Pichler of the Viennese bars that feature in his latest book, Golden Days Before They End, released in June and now in its third reprint. It’s one of two books Pichler shot in 2016. The other, This Will Change Your Life Forever, currently in the design stage and due to be published in October, is a sarcastic critique of the esotericism industry and the photography that feeds it. Pichler collaborated on Golden Days with journalist Clemens Marschall, who was familiar with Vienna’s rapidly disappearing old dive bars and the often ‘colourful’ patrons that clung to them. “Clemens has always gone to these bars,” explains Pichler. “He doesn’t like to go to fancy places. Five years ago he noticed that these bars are beginning to close down because of increased regulation, an inability to adapt to a changing city, and a dying clientele.”

Acknowledged as one of UK’s leading photographers, Dougie Wallace has published four successful books in the last three years – Stags, Hens & Bunnies, Road Wallah and Harrodsburg (Dewi Lewis Publishing) and Shoreditch Wildlife (Hoxton Minipress) and has featured in major exhibitions in Europe, the United States and India. He continues to attract considerable press and media attention and his photographs feature regularly in leading international publications. In March 2017, BBC TV screened a 30 minute documentary about him as part of the series What Do Artists Do All Day. The programme followed Dougie on the streets of Knightsbridge as he completed work on his Harrodsburg book.

Alec soth sleeping by the mississippi essay

alec soth sleeping by the mississippi essay


alec soth sleeping by the mississippi essayalec soth sleeping by the mississippi essayalec soth sleeping by the mississippi essayalec soth sleeping by the mississippi essay