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Sadamoto's design of the three female leads created extremely high sales of merchandise. Figurines of a bandaged Rei "were the most popular, outselling all else". [32] Due to her popularity driving sales of merchandise, Rei was called the "Premium Girl" by the media. [33] A column in the 1 September 2007 issue of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper stated, on the occasion of Evangelion , that there were over 1 million dedicated Rei fans in Japan and that "This bandaged Goddess is an icon of Japanese anime." [34] The June 2010 issue of Newtype ranked Rei #5 in its monthly top 10 character survey. In a Newtype poll from March 2010, Rei was voted as the most popular female anime character from the 1990s. [35] The 20th Animage Grand Prix ranked her the fifth best female character of the year. [36]

Angel cruel orchestra thesis

angel cruel orchestra thesis


angel cruel orchestra thesisangel cruel orchestra thesisangel cruel orchestra thesisangel cruel orchestra thesis