Believe being yourself essay

The Mind-Body Connection
If you study the subject of alternative healing long enough, you eventually come to the inescapable conclusion that all healing (and energy) is vibrational in nature. All forms of energy, whether detrimental or beneficial, first affect us on the etheric level and later translate to the physical level. Thought is the prime creative energy of the universe. Once created, thoughts (like energy) cannot be destroyed (but they can be modified). Since The Creator endowed us with the power to create thought , we can create healing energies with our mind alone . In addition, with proper training, you can access any information you wish to obtain through the mind .

I was born & raised ultra-orthodox catholic, w/mom being a born catholic & dad a convert. I was deeply religious/spiritual from a young age, but there were things in catholicism that just never made sense to me, like: virgin birth, Mary worship, gruesome obsession with 1 particular crucifixion, belief that they are actually ingesting blood & flesh from a guy dead 2,000 yrs. ago (blood prohibited in Torah), idolizing & wearing crosses, the role of the priest as mediator between person & G-d, & in particular the idea that G-d would make Himself into a human so that he could sacrifice himself TO Himself! How does that make any sense?
So, I gave it up & started a quest for "spiritual truths", which eventually led me to a study group learning Jewish Mysticism. THAT clicked. The techniques I learned WORKED. I learned to meditate & connect with G-d 1-on-1 (no priest, pope, etc.). I felt G-d pushing me towards attending synagogue, then to conversion class, & finally actually converting. That was in 1990 & no regrets.
What David says about having a Jewish soul - I totally agree! I feel certain that I have been Jewish in other lifetimes & that I DO have a Jewish soul. Oddly, my dad loved Al Jolson & I grew up hearing him sing the Kol Nidre, Hatikvah, "Cantor on the Sabbath", etc. He had a lot of respect for the Jewish people, so it must have been passed on to me as well. Now I get to sing with our High Holy Days choir & do the choral part for Kol Nidre!
It was the right decision for me, & I know that it was what G-d wanted me to do. Just listen for that "still, small voice" to guide you to where He wants you. Baruch Hashem!

Believe being yourself essay

believe being yourself essay


believe being yourself essaybelieve being yourself essaybelieve being yourself essaybelieve being yourself essay