Bubonic plague research paper

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In accordance with Graham Twigg (page 123), the plague was normally founding the Far East rather than Europe, such as Central Asia, Yunan China, Arabia and East Africa. Robert Gottfrieds The Black Death: Natural and Human Disaster in Medieval Europe, stats that the plague traveled from China, and thought to have been carried along the Silk Road into Central Asia in 1339. Plague reached Sarai, the Volga River, and the Crimea in 1345. From there it spread rapidly. By the next year, 1346, plague epidemics broke out in Astrakhan, Azerbaijan, and throughout the Caucasus. The northern and eastern shores of the Black Sea were ridden with plague, where the plague carrying fleas and rats were picked up in merchant ships and carried south, hiding in bulky crates and scurrying about ship.

Bubonic plague research paper

bubonic plague research paper


bubonic plague research paperbubonic plague research paperbubonic plague research paperbubonic plague research paper