Conjugate essayer french verb

Of course, department stores are not the only places you can go to shop. They are just the easiest, because everything is there together and you can browse without being bothered. You can also do this easily in one of the many shopping malls, les centres commerciaux (lay sahN-truh ko-mehr-syo) . These malls, which are a fairly recent phenomenon in Europe, are developing outside of big cities, but also more and more inside them and are very popular with the locals. They give you the advantage of medium-size boutiques (often part of a chain) with the ease of having everything located in one spot. Last but not least, don’t forget that the French language has given to the world the word boutique (boo-teek) . From simple to fancy, from trinkets to designer clothes, they offer everything. But your browsing may be hindered by the over-attentive presence of the salesclerk. On the other hand, you are likely to receive good professional advice.

The French future tense talks about upcoming events. While the French future tense has a full set of conjugations, the English equivalent is just the modal verb "will" + main verb.

    J'irai au magasin demain
   I will go to the store tomorrow.

    Ils mangeront dans l'avion
   They will eat on the plane.

The French future tense can also be used in si clauses , to express what will happen if a condition is met:

    Si j'ai le temps, je le ferai
   If I have time, I will do it.

Conjugate essayer french verb

conjugate essayer french verb


conjugate essayer french verbconjugate essayer french verbconjugate essayer french verbconjugate essayer french verb