Cyber bullying essays

During a news conference ahead of this week's Omega Dubai Ladies Classic, Spiranac was asked a question about the cyberbullying she has encountered, and became very emotional when answering. Clearly deeply affected by the hate she has been subjected to online, Spiranac revealed the harassment she (and her family and friends) received following her professional debut last year at this same tournament. According to Spiranac, she needed three weeks away from social media to regroup as she struggled with depression brought on by the bullying.  

If you are the stupid bully: Then we just called you a name, which is wrong, and we doubt there is anyone out there willing to raise their hand and shout, “Yeah, that’s me, I’m the stupid bully .”  So, actually, we think a better word is “ careless ” and these “ careless ” mistakes can lead to bullying behavior, or maybe just feel like it to the other person. The intention may not have been there. When you email or text someone, make sure you know what you wish to convey and then make sure your writing conveys it. If not, then don’t click. Pick up the phone!

Cyber bullying essays

cyber bullying essays


cyber bullying essayscyber bullying essayscyber bullying essayscyber bullying essays