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A score of two stars out of five was awarded by Moria, which wrote "One suspects the true purpose behind . Zombie is that Bruce LaBruce is less a pornographic filmmaker than a gleeful agitator who latches onto pornography solely for its outrage value". [20] Next Projection gives the film a 6 out of 10 stars or, "okay," rating. [21] The Torontoist found the film exploitative of .'s homeless, giving it zero stars and beginning its review with "A spiritless, pointless amalgam of gory zombie picture and hardcore porn, . Zombie is the confluence of two cultural crosscurrents that nobody asked for. Shot on crummy-looking digital and realized by the incompetent Bruce LaBruce, it looks like a homework assignment cranked out by the insufferably pretentious kid in the Tom Savini master class". [22]

Richard Matheson 's 1954 novel I Am Legend , although classified as a vampire story would nonetheless have definitive impact on the zombie genre by way of George A. Romero . The novel and its 1964 film adaptation, The Last Man on Earth , which concern a lone human survivor waging war against a world of vampires, would by Romero's own admission greatly influence his 1968 low-budget film Night of the Living Dead ; [33] [34] a work that would prove to be more influential on the concept of zombies than any literary or cinematic work before it.

Do my homework zombie

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