Essay on growing united and health through sports

We’ve all heard the phrase “Charity begins at home.” This statement holds very true in my case, not because we needed help but rather because we were taught at an early age to provide help whenever possible. In our current economy there are many people not just in our community but throughout the world and beyond that are struggling. I was fortunate to grow up in a household with two loving parents who shared the importance of fundamental beliefs and values. Cynthia Street, the street I grew up on, was a comfortable middle class neighborhood that served as my first perspective of American life. Through my experiences in my neighborhood and also my interaction with my church family at Central Christian Church in Newark, I learned the importance of outreach work.
My parents taught me, my sister Julie and brothers Bruce, Mike and Jeff, that it was better to give than to receive. At the young age of five, however; that concept was a bit difficult to grasp. I remember one summer watching my mom load some of our toys, games and clothes into the backseat of our station wagon. We were told that the items were going to be donated to our church rummage sale and the money from this sale would be given to the local food pantry. As a five year old, I felt like my mother was stealing from us and wondered to whom I could report this crime to so she would stop. I thought to myself, if this were my toy, she had no right to take it away from me even if I hadn’t used it in months. Much to my dismay, this became an annual tradition in our household. It wasn’t until I was much older that I could appreciate the significance of this act and how not everyone in America was as blessed as my family.
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...e from the Angel Tree through the Salvation Army and provide Christmas for a needy child. She would say “I can’t think of a thing that I really need.” All of us were in agreement and enjoyed the experience and fulfillment of making sure a child was not forgotten on Christmas.
Charity may begin at home but it certainly doesn’t have to end there. I am proud to hear on the news about how the United States is helping in the relief efforts in Haiti after the recent earthquake. Thanks to the values that have been instilled in me, I plan to make a financial contribution to these efforts and I hope others will follow suit. I am comforted to know that there are people not just in my community but around the world that are willing to lend a hand of support to friends, family and to people they will likely never meet. I am proud to be an American, a nation of givers.
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What is autism ? Where are some facts. Autism is the fastest growing disability in the united states, it is most common in a group of disorders know as the autism spectrum disorders. In a person with autism the brain dose not develop properly. It is four times more likely to effect males then females. It effects more then people in the united sates alone. The diagnoses rate rises 10-15% each year. The autism society of America estimates that everyday 50 children in the united states are diagnosed with some form of autism. It is a lifelong disease that effects people all over the world and currently has no cure.
Fifty years ago dr. Leo Kanner from johns Hopkins university wrote the first paper about autism. At that time doctors believed that autism has caused by unfit and uncaring parents. Parents were blamed for there children’s autism. In the 1960s Bernard Rimland publish a study that proved children were born with autism and it was not cause by parents. With new technology it was later discovered that the shape and size of autistic brains was different then those with out autism, but we don’t yet know why. It is believed that autism is a genetic disorder. It is also linked to problems during pregnancy. We know that it is caused by genetic and environmental issues but we don’t yet know exactly what causes it.
People with autism experience a wide range of symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Common symptoms include little or no eye-contact, repeating words or sentences instead of answering questions.. They can be oversensitive or under sensitive to pain. They have poor social and communication skills so it can be hard for them to communicate what they wont or need from people so they will some times they tantrums cause they cant get what they wont or need. They have difficulty with social interaction and usually like to be alone or in small familiar groups. Many people with autism become overly sensitive to routine and can become...

Essay on growing united and health through sports

essay on growing united and health through sports


essay on growing united and health through sportsessay on growing united and health through sportsessay on growing united and health through sportsessay on growing united and health through sports