Harvard college entrance essays

Its headings are: Translate into Latin, Latin Grammar, Greek Grammar, Greek Composition, History and Geography, Arithmetic, Logarithms and Trigonometry, Albebra, and Plane Geometry. Some of the topics are: Gyges, Coriolanus, Ephesus, Scipio, the Manilian Law, Elision, the construction in Object-Clauses after verbs of striving, Xenophon, Gryllus, Leonidas, Pausanias, Lysander, Pharsalia, Philippi, Actium, Athens, Sparta, Pericles, prime numbers, logarithms, Binomial Theorem, Cosines, Secants, radii, polygons. Here is a link where you can download the PDF of the Harvard Admissions Exam of 1869 here.

Student Government in Currier House consists of the Currier House Committee, of which all house residents are members. The committee operates separate from the Harvard Undergraduate Council , to organize student events and manage funding. The Currier HoCo, as the other student government organizations in the Houses, are funded by the UC and maintained by an executive council run my students in leadership positions. Elections for the two Chair positions, as well as all other social organization positions, are held every January during the Super Bowl Halftime show, broadcast in the Fishbowl common space. The two HoCo co-chairs are Jacob Miller and Annie Garofalo.

Harvard college entrance essays

harvard college entrance essays


harvard college entrance essaysharvard college entrance essaysharvard college entrance essaysharvard college entrance essays