My favourite book essay for children

                The Bhagvad Gita is full of some rare gems of wisdom.  It conveys the message of Lord Krishana, the greatest of the philosophers.  It is an excellent treatise on man, his position in this universe, his soul, his duty and role in life.  In tells us that soul is deathless.  It is body alone that dies.  Death is only a change of clothes. There is no reason for a man to be afraid of death.  It is this message that has always inspired great martyrs of the world to lay down their lives for a noble cause. The Gita also gives us a message of universal brotherhood.  Life, according to the Gita, is only a manifestation of the Divine.  All human beings are nothing but material abodes of the same spirit, the greater soul.  Bodies may differ but the soul is the same.  It is the same soul that pervades us all.  The Gita also tells us that a man should go on doing his duty without worrying about the results. One should do one’s duty and leave the results to God.   Prizes or punishments are pre-ordained.  God is the supreme judge and we should submit humbly to His will.  One should try to remain happy and calm in all circumstances. Things are not what they seem to be.  Man knows very little.  He does not know even a faction of the reality.  HE should, therefore, have faith in God and go on doing his duty. He should play his destined part with a sense of devotion.

Step 8. REREAD your essay.  Correct all the errors you find.  Do I need to suggest a few?  Check spelling (dictionary), check capitalization and punctuation (Learning Grammar Through Writing, is our favourite child-friendly help), take out unnecessary words  (. "In my opinion, I think that...." is saying the same thing twice, and starting every sentence with "Now" or "Then" ) , and change any sentences or words that do not seem right.   Some parental help at this point is very helpful in building better essays.

My favourite book essay for children

my favourite book essay for children


my favourite book essay for childrenmy favourite book essay for childrenmy favourite book essay for childrenmy favourite book essay for children