Nus master of computing coursework

My research area is HCI (Human Computer Interaction). I am interested in using HCI methods to solve challenging real world computing problems in many areas, including mobile HCI (particularly eyes-free interaction), human-robot interaction, HCI and computer security, information visualization, gesture and pen based interface, and interface and interaction for the elderly. My dissertation is on mobile eyes-free interfaces. I designed an eyes-free menu selection technique called earPod , and showed its effectiveness. earPod has received media coverage from MIT Technology Review, May 2007.

You’re quite a far bit away from the 10th percentile of NTU’s common engineering IGP as well. 🙁 There are a few courses that you might want to consider but it depends largely on what modules you have taken previously. I recommend taking a look at the NTU IGP ( http:///oad2/website_files/IGP/NTU_ ) and then using this tool to see if the course of your choice is within reach ( http:///tools/a-level-university-ranking-points-calculator/ ). If it is, then take a look at the course requirements to see if you have met all the subject prerequisites. Your grades won’t matter much if you apply for a course that you’re not even eligible to apply for. 🙁

Nus master of computing coursework

nus master of computing coursework


nus master of computing courseworknus master of computing courseworknus master of computing courseworknus master of computing coursework