Physics of sound essay

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Bohm's scientific and philosophical views were inseparable. In 1959 he came across a book by the Indian philosopher J. Krishnamurti. It struck him how his own ideas on quantum mechanics meshed with the philosophical ideas of Krishnamurti. Bohm's approach to philosophy and physics receive expression in his 1980 book Wholeness and the Implicate Order , and in the book Science, Order and Creativity . In his later years, he developed the technique that has become known as "Bohm Dialogue", in which equal status and "free space" form the most important prerequisites. He believed that if carried out on a sufficiently wide scale, such Dialogues could help overcome fragmentation in society.

Please write a page for each discussion topic. Make sure you understand the physics involved. Please keep them separate Discussion 12: Visit the following website: http:/// Listen to the whales' songs and explain the effects of sound waves in the air and water by bringing examples with formulae. Discuss the possible changes of whales' songs as a result of temperature, wave speeds, and etc. How could you distinguish the whales' songs from other songs? Discussion 13: Visit the following website: http:///stories/2006/11/28/eveningnews/ Read about the current predicament of dead-sea. Discuss the features of dead-sea in terms of buoyancy, density, and general fluid mechanics knowledge. If you were to reverse the properties of dead-sea, what could you do?

Physics of sound essay

physics of sound essay


physics of sound essayphysics of sound essayphysics of sound essayphysics of sound essay