Proper format title page research paper

A webpage

Author(s). Name of Page. Date of Posting/Revision. Date of

Access. <electronic address>.

Note: It is necessary to list your date of access because web postings are often updated, and information available at one date may no longer be available later. Be sure to include the complete address for the site. Also, note the use of angled brackets around the electronic address; MLA requires them for clarity.

An article in an online journal or magazine

Author(s). "Title of Article." Title of Journal Volume. Issue

(Year): Pages/Paragraphs. Date of Access <electronic


Note: Some electronic journals and magazines provide paragraph or page numbers; include them if available. This format is also appropriate to online
magazines; as with a print version, you should provide a complete publication date rather than volume and issue number.


Author. Email to the author. Date.

Note: This same format may be used for personal interviews or personal letters. You need only change the designation accordingly.

A listserv posting

Author. "Title of Posting." Online posting. Date. Name of

listserv. Date of access <electronic address for retrieval>.

An electronic database (such as NewsBank, Ethnic NewsWatch, or Broadcast News)

Provide the bibliographic data for the original source as for any other of its genre, then add the name of the database along with relevant retrieval data (such as version number and/or transcript or abstract number).

Thanks for this information. I write in MS Word. I’m confused about paragraphs. Some info out there says that you don’t indent the opening paragraph of a chapter or scene break. Does it depend on each agent/publisher? Also, I used the hit-the-space-bar-manually-five-times rule (if there is such a rule) for the first line on each paragraph of my manuscript. I didn’t use the tab button. I understand now that I should have set the indent in Word through Format->Paragraph->Section before I began writing and it would automatically indent the proper spacing. My manual spaces don’t look like they’re enough, even though I hit the space bar five times. I’m at a loss as to what to do with my completed manuscript that’s otherwise properly formatted. Thanks.

Proper format title page research paper

proper format title page research paper


proper format title page research paperproper format title page research paperproper format title page research paperproper format title page research paper